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CCFA submitted our Return to Sport Plan (draft) to BCPFA

We are still awaiting notice of acceptance of our Return to Sport Plan and do not yet have advice on when this will be forthcoming.

We are required to wait until receiving this acceptance before sharing the plan with our constituents (Player, Parents/Guardians, Coaches).  Upon acceptance we will email all returning parents with detail expectations, requirements, and again repeat the call for committed volunteers. We will need more support than has been the case in previous seasons due to the extra safety precautions needed during the current phase of the covid-19 Provincial Health Officer guidelines.

In the meantime, please frequently visit our website or social media platforms for updates and important messages. It is especially important that parents, coaches and volunteers recognize the specific requirements of the BC Provincial Football Association Return To Play Plan which has been developed according to viaSPORT and Provincial Health Office guidelines. The first two documents are avalilable by using the "read more" button.

Risk Mitigation (extract from pg 6 of BCPFA Return to Sport Plan)

Return to Sport must be planned around assessing the risks and developing a football specific plan to take all necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of an individual being exposed to or infected with the virus.

This Return to Sport Plan is based on a risk assessment and analysis that considers the risks presented by the type of sport activities and the place where the sport activities occur, who is involved and their risk profile, and what measures can be implemented. The following must be adhered to as part of the plan:

As with all other activities, Return to Sport will require a gradual, thoughtful, phased approach.

The provincial government plans to lift restrictions in phases, while closely monitoring population health patterns to minimize risk to British Columbians.

On June 24, 2020, British Columbia entered Phase 3 of the B.C. Restart Plan.

At this time, sport activities continue to adhere to the “Transition Measures” stage of the Sport Activity Chart.
Refer to the section on Sport Programming for more information on activity types and how they can be phased in.
Please note resuming of sport activities may not be linear, increasing restrictions may be required in response to fluctuating numbers of COVID-19 cases in the province. Sport organizations need to be flexible to accommodate and respond to changes in community transmission and the changes in advice from the Provincial Health Officer.


Park Facility Operations announced today, June 26, 2020:
"At this time, the City is able to move forward with the revised permit process for modified games to resume on fields starting July 4th. 

"Modified games will require physical distancing (2m) between all players, and no close-contact and/or contact activities can occur. "

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To all Cloverdale Football parents,

The BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA) has had its Return to Sport Plan for Football approved and has given member leagues and their clubs the green light to begin preparations for Activities under Phase 2 of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Covid-19 Plan,

Before our organization may begin registration and practice, we must prepare and submit our own Return to Sport plan, and present that to the BCPFA, and the City of Surrey. That work is in progress now.

Our plan must be based on the BCPFA`s plan but tailored to be specific to the own needs of our club and facility. The BCPFA`s plan is available through this sport-plan-for-football-in-bc.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCFA offers programs for boys and girls from 5 to 18.

We also invite participation of the young-at-heart
in many rewarding volunteer positions.
CCFA offers co-ed flag football for youngest players
and full contact (tackle) football for older youth.
We also have a program for Cheerleaders.
Registration starts in April.
Practices start in July.
Exhibition Games are in August.
Seasons Games start in September.
Playoffs and Championship run through November.
From the starting kick-off to the final touchdown,
football is a strategic, rugged game
that teaches young athletes to play hard and play safe
Our home is Cloverdale Athletic Park
located at 168th Street and 64th Avenue, Surrey.
All practices and home games are at this park.
We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia
through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.