Cloverdale Community football presents the opportunity for young men and women to develop both as players and people.

We believe players will develop as athletes by playing in all games and receiving equal practice time from strong coaching staffs.

Our practice schedule allows players to excel not only on the football field but in the classroom as well. With a strong commitment to the development of on field skills, in a reasonable amount of practice time, our players are provided the time to work equally hard on their education. We emphasize the fact that it requires excellent academic standing to be accepted by universities and we strongly recommend to our players to make use of extra time in school to improve their grades.

A DSC7911This philosophy has developed strong student athletes with former CCFA players achieving great success.Cloverdale football is proud of the success of many of its athletes who played at fine educational institutions in Canada and the USA. Brandon Willetts did not play a down of high school football, however, he made the Stanford University football team after recieving an academic scholarship. CCFA was also very proud of two of its athletes, Adam Berger and Kyle Miller who both played in the 2014 Grey Cup - on opposite sides! Former community football players have even reached the pinnacle of professional sports, the NFL.   

Cloverdale Community Football provides an environment where young athletes can develop their skills and become quality football players. Players that develop strong skills and are gifted athletes have the opportunity to display their talent not only during the regular season against the best players in British Columbia, but in the Senior Bowl and Star Bowl as well. Both Bowls, coached by CFL, Jr. FOOTBALL, UBC and SFU coaching staffs, provide a field where the best players can showcase their ability even further to the University programs.

Giving young athletes the opportunity to progress in the classroom, on the field and at the next level is the core of the Cloverdale Community football program.

Yeera Sami


President, CCFA