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Sport Plan for Football - Volunteers Needed !

To all Cloverdale Football parents,

The BC Provincial Football Association (BCPFA) has had its Return to Sport Plan for Football approved and has given member leagues and their clubs the green light to begin preparations for Activities under Phase 2 of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Covid-19 Plan,

Before our organization may begin registration and practice, we had to prepare and submit our own Return to Sport plan, and present that to the BCPFA, and the City of Surrey. Our Return to Sport Plan has been accepted by the BCPFA and we are now accepting registrations from both returning and new players for our 2020 program.

Our plan is based on the BCPFA`s plan but tailored to be specific to the own needs of our club and facility. The BCPFA`s plan is available through this sport-plan-for-football-in-bc.

This document is extremely comprehensive and we believe should be read by all parents considering registering their children to take part in Phase 2 and Phase 3, if the PHO moves the province to that status this year).

In order for us to return to Phase 2 activities, it is obvious that we will require much additional volunteer support over what has been the norm in previous years. We must all work diligently to find a way for our children to safely play the sport they love in these unique circumstances.

Please familiarize yourself with this document and if you might be able to assist as a volunteer during Phase 2.

Most importantly needed are safety coordinators and check-in volunteers for each of our Division Teams to assist in executing this plan. One of the items you will find in the attached plan is the limitation on parent spectators: no parents, other than the safety coordinators, will be allowed to stay around the field to watch the player's fitness and practice exercises. 

Again, we must be absolutely certain that we have the infrastructure to deliver even the non-contact, and social distancing required fitness training sessions for football safely in Phase 2 before we commit to fielding our teams, so please step up and assist, this year; you are needed more than ever!

If - after reading the sport-plan-for-football-in-bc - you are able to commit to being a volunteer to fill any of the positions required please contact Yeera Sami at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note that even in Phase two it may be expected that team rosters might be more limited than in previous years as when, and if, Phase 3 status is granted to sports the BCPFA/VMFL approved plan will be for 9-player ball at all levels.

It is not certain at this time if other rule modifications will need to be placed in order to comply with Provincial Health Officer Mandates.

Information on registration and the full Cloverdale Community Football Association Return to Play plan will be posted soon, immediately after the necessary approvals are finalized.