Equipment & Uniform Information


  • NO alterations to any piece of equipment or uniforms.
  • If any alterations are found on returnthe price of a FULL replacement item will be charged
  • Do not trade any of your equipment or uniform with anyone else
  • If required to use tape on pants, please use only black or clear tape
  • Do not tape the sleeve ended in a knot on jerseys, cut belts, pads or pants
  • Shoulder pad strap ends must be taped to prevent loss of strap or buckles
  • No decals on helmets other than the association “C
  • No names on club provided game or practice jerseys
  • No game pants to practice
  • Keep your helmets clean, sanitized and air dried. 
  • Additional mouth guards are available for purchase at clubhouse
  • All football and cheerleading gear and uniforms are to be used only for club events.
  • Do not put clothing in the dryer hang and air dry only
  • Come to practices and games fully equipped.
  • Get any repairs or replacement done during practice hours. 
  • Do not practice or play with equipment requiring repairs or replacement
  • Referees and coaches will not let you practice or play with missing equipment or equipment requiring repairs or replacement.
  • Coaches will check player equipment often for safe use. 
  • Wash and air-dry uniforms when returning and helmets and shoulder pads cleaned and sanitized.
  • Our equipment room will be closed on game days. If you require any replacement or repairs, please get them done during Saturday practices.

Thank you for taking diligent care of your child’s equipment.