KidSport Surrey-White Rock helps ensure that all kids in Surrey-White Rock have the opportunity to participate in organized sport by removing financial barriers that might limit or prevent participation.

Who is KidSport
KidSport™ was established by Sport BC in 1993 and is a community-based sport charity. Since its inception in British Columbia, KidSport™ has grown to include national and provincial/territorial chapters operating across Canada. There are now more than 150 local community chapters that have raised in excess of $5 million dollars and provided a season of sport to more than 45,000 Canadian children in 65 different sports.

We believe that playing sports teaches children important life skills, and helps them maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We want all children to have the opportunity to benefit from what sport has to offer!

More infromation is available on the KidSport Website: Apllication & Guidelines