April marks the time of year when the annual Starbowl games are played, an event that features the best players of the Valley Community Football League and the Vancouver Mainland Football League in both the Midget and Bantam divisions.

 While past tradition had featured games of the VCFL versus the VMFL, the games now feature a blend of both leagues where the total group of players selected is split into two teams.

This year will feature a 9-man Bantam game, 12-man Bantam game and a 12-man Midget game.


Date April 22, 2017        
Venue Chilliwack (Behind Prospera Centre)
Admission $5.00 for 13 years & up
Online Games www.vbnsports.com
Bantam 9 man 2:30 pm
Bantam 12 man         5:00 pm
Midget 12 man 7:30 pm

Congratulations to the CCFA Players who were selected to the Starbowl, we are very proud of your accomplishment!

Bantam 9 Man
Player   Jersey # 
David Vo  24
Pablo Gonzales  7
Mario Alvarado  52
Nicholas Siebert  41
 Midget 12  Man 
 Player  Jersey #
Gabe Fenelon 16
Harman Jouhal 48
Parman Paul 40
Devon Trent 12
Christian Acosta 21